Water pipe funding assured by Congress.


Congress will approve new funding for "emergency" repair and construction of underground water pipes with unacceptably high lead content when it approves a Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) bill in either November or December.

But numerous questions remain about the new program established in response to such problems in Flint, MI. A House-Senate conference committee will have to reconcile a number of differences between their two WRDA bills (S. 2848/H.R. 5303), including who administers the funds, how much money will be available, the ground rules on access to the new funds and perhaps most importantly how much of the money will go to Flint.

There will be $170 million available at minimum and House sources say they expect at least $100 million of that to go to Flint. Flint isn't mentioned by name in either the House or Senate bill. But one House staffer in a position to know says the language in the House bill was written to only apply to Flint....

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