Smart gas metering solutions now industry's chief demand.

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For natural gas companies, there is growing pressure to deliver more energy, increase profitability and minimize financial losses. Greater expenditures are needed to ensure system integrity and replace aging infrastructure. Operators must also reduce operating costs and tightly control capital budgets. This requires optimization of the distribution infrastructure used to deliver natural gas to households and commercial and industrial (C&I) consumers.

* Higher operating costs impacts business performance and profits

* Increased risks to assets poses threat to operational reliability and uptime

* Limited data availability makes it too difficult to determine asset health

* Technology obsolescence limits efficiency and productivity improvements


Future-Ready Technology

Regulators and consumers alike are pressuring gas industry companies to improve the way they monitor and report gas consumption so they can better address environmental and efficiency concerns. Firms are beginning to realize the operational savings they can achieve from smart metering technologies and related processes.

Honeywell's smart metering solution that's future-ready for emerging technologies like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and provides a host of valuable productivity benefits. With new technologies, gas transmission and distribution customers get the full value to operate safely, make better decisions and act quickly by more efficiently delivering crucial asset data from operations to enterprise.

The IIoT-ready portfolio range from advanced electronic volume correctors and collaboration software to robust meter data management systems that turn operational data into valuable knowledge and provides a host of valuable productivity benefits:

* State-of-the-art PTZ gas volume corrector

* Highly accurate rotary gas meter

* Advanced 4G low-power wireless modem

* Innovative configuration and calibration software

* Powerful meter data management software

Local gas distribution companies utilize PTZ gas volume correctors to convert gas volume from operating conditions to reference pressure and temperature conditions. They are a key element in the gas value chain--from the meter to billing data. Honeywell's EC 350 PTZ Gas Volume Correctors are intended to simplify and optimize custody transfer and industrial measurement. This new electronic corrector platform offers best-in-class accuracy, expanded memory, advanced diagnostics...

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