Ron Williamson expects the best.

Position::National Association of Pipe Coating Applicators


Ron Williamson Vice President-Distributor Products, Berg Steel Pipe Corp. Panama City, FL

Ron Williamson is responsible for distributor sales, production planning, plate purchasing and transportation. He also is executive vice president of eb Pipe Coating in Panama City. He lives with his wife Sharron in Panama City.

What are Ron's industry beginnings? "I moved from Jerseyville, IL where I grew up to Houston in 1977 in search of a warmer climate and hopes of a better job," says Ron.

"My first job in Houston was with AMF Tuboscope training as a pipe inspector in the oil fields. After a week of working 16 hours a day, I quickly realized that this was not the job for a young single guy and quit. I heard U.S. Steel in Baytown was hiring and went to apply. After an interview with the personnel manager and the fact that I had "experience" in pipe he wanted me to start that afternoon in the newly completed 48inch pipe mill that was just at the beginning of their start up. Within six months I was promoted to finishing supervisor, a position I held until 1980. One night, while working the 3-11 shift, the plant superintendent--who just happened to be NAPCA member Bob Wise--showed up unannounced and asked to talk with me. He asked what my goals were at U.S. Steel, how I felt about the pipe manufacturing business and so on. I mentioned that I did not want to be a finishing supervisor for the rest of my life and had hopes to move up the corporate ladder. He told me of a new pipe mill being constructed in Panama City and said it would be a great opportunity if I was willing to relocate and assist in the start-up of which he was the plant manager. I was in Florida two weeks later.

"I started work at Berg in 1980 as plant supervisor, a position I held for about a year, and was then promoted to production planning manager. After about a year in this position, I was approached by yet another current NAPCA member who was about to change...

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