Launch of new G2 Integrated Solutions.

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"Today (July 9), we are introducing a new corporate brand that brings together our existing business lines under the G2 Integrated Solutions banner," said Jody Mitchell, president of Houston-based G2 Integrated Solutions.

"This new, consolidated brand reflects our focus on developing integrated solutions for the complex challenges facing upstream, midstream and downstream operators in the energy sector. Through acquisitions and organic growth, we have been building a powerful delivery platform capable of providing end-to-end solutions for managing risk, optimizing assets, and ensuring compliance with current and emerging requirements, both operational and regulatory."

The new G2 Integrated Solutions ("G2-IS") banner consolidates our four lines of business:

* G2 Partners--G2 Partners provides cost-effective solutions to the integrity management challenges facing pipeline and facility operators across North America, spanning a host of services from industry-leading approaches for MAOP determination and lifecycle management of integrity-related data, through risk-based prioritization of operations and management (O&M) and capital expenditures.

* Frontline Energy Services--Frontline provides an extensive set of integrity services to downstream utility and midstream clients, including project management, field inspection, mobile data collection technology deployment, aerial patrol program management, cross-bore program implementation, and integrity management program administration.

* Eagle Information Mapping--Eagle is a leading provider of geographic information system solutions to large-scale oil and gas infrastructure operators, providing a comprehensive suite of geospatial software solutions and services designed to support operators in improving asset safety and reliability,

* NRG Technologies--NRG delivers assurance solutions that provide energy company leadership with answers to the "How do you know?" question regarding asset integrity. Solutions include process assurance systems, services and software for risk identification and risk quantification, and asset reliability and optimization support,

"We have assembled an industry-leading solutions platform," Mitchell added, "as we continue to expand our service and technology offerings and with the ability to leverage these four companies as one is creating new ways to solve our client's most challenging problems."

Concurrent with the adoption of the new corporate banner, G2 Integrated Solutions has launched a new web site URL at www.

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